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Athlete to Entrepreneur

— About the Book

Athlete to Entrepreneur highlights stories of former athletes to give a behind-the-scenes view of their journeys. Athletes quickly learn to be tough, physically and mentally; they need to be able to endure pain and pressure while maintaining a high level of performance. Even more importantly, athletes analyze their weaknesses so they can defeat past failures and win the next time.

All athletes lose games, but the successful ones are the ones who have the perseverance to keep trying until they achieve success. This is why it’s no secret that athletes make great entrepreneurs. They need the endurance and toughness to withstand long hours and endless nights starting a business. If an entrepreneur has worked hard enough to get a business off the ground, they’re only going to have to work harder to make their operation sustainable. Like athletes, entrepreneurs need to be able to operate at a high level, consistently and for long periods of time.

Like successful athletes, successful entrepreneurs need to be able to learn from their mistakes and move on. May each of these stories educate, impact, and inspire you to use the skills you have learned as an athlete to become change agents for your communities as you Transition from Players to Professionals.

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